SEAS Institute

The SEAS Institute for Sustainability, Environment, Accountability, and Security in Small Island Nations and Developing States

The SEAS Institute is a global network of actors and stakeholders raising awareness and driving an actionable debate on the important issues facing Small Island and Developing States. It is an independent think tank bringing together international leaders from business, politics, academia and civil society with the aim of advancing the global conversation on environmentalism and climate action, democratic and political accountability, economic innovation and resilience, and regional security for Small Island Nations and Developing States.
The SEAS Institute aspires to provide decision-makers and opinion leaders with effective policy options on how to build climate resilient and energy self-reliant economies, based on breakthroughs in green innovation and investment, renewable technologies, market-based mechanisms and competition. We envisage a sustainable economic model that goes hand in hand with environmental improvement, sustainable management of natural resource, climate mitigation, and security conscious adaptation. Therefore, we look into how leading nations implement successful climate and sustainability policies, and modeling them to the particular conditions and needs of Small Island and Developing States.
The SEAS Institute further serves as a forum, a global community for like-minded individuals and orgranizations, that work together and contribute to l global and regional debats and in the process of economic, political, and security integration of Small Island Nations and Developing States. We develop activities linked to the most pressing public policy issues, such as organising and supporting seminars, training, and conferences; carrying out comprehensive studies and research projects between relevant stakeholders, including youth organisations and other representatives of civil society; and developing networks and engaging with decision makers that pursue international cooperation in order to promote democracy, security, environmental resilience, and economic prosperity.